Glass Gem Corn - Veggie Seed
  • Glass Gem Corn - Veggie Seed

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    Glass Gem Corn is a US bred corn that develops a rainbow of colours in each cob! Glass Gem Corn is a flint type corn and therefore perfect for popping or grinding into meal. I personally grow Glass Gem Corn for popping as I find it has a delicious flavour and higher pop-rate than the ordinary shop-bought stuff. 


    Glass Gem Corn should be direct sown spring to summer, 30cm spacing, in a full sunny position. Harvest should occur around 120 days after sowing. Minimum soil temp for sowing 16 degrees. 


    This seed is excess to my needs leftover from last season's crop. I have limited packets available. Grown locally in the Upper Hunter NSW with no chemicals etc. Each packet contains approximately 30 seeds. The pictures shown are the exact crop that these seeds came from showing you a variety of the colours that your seed can give! 


    Please note due to quarantine restrictions I cannot ship Glass Gem Corn to Western Australia or Tasmania, or internationally outside Australia. 


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