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I’m an author, proudly Australian and steadfastly country. I live in a beautiful area of NSW where in my spare time I love to walk barefoot in the creek or drink copious amounts of tea. My first published work was my bestselling short story Travels With Pa, which is available for FREE wherever good ebooks are sold. My debut novel, A Change in the Dreaming, was published in February 2016, with my first novella Tomorrow, coming out later that same year. I draw my inspiration from the  Australian landscape, especially the mountains I call home, from the people I meet, my animals, and from random things  that spark something in my imagination. Sometimes, my stories are startlingly real-life, other times they're entwined with a twist of dragons, fairies and magic (The Dog Rose Crown, Feb 2018). Because if we don't put a little bit of magic into our lives, who else will?


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